Restrictions on Enrollment in Computer Science and Math Courses


Chemical Engineering graduate students must seek permission before taking any Computer Science or Math/CS course. Use the petition form available from the department web site (Petition-for-CS-Math-Course.PDF).  Violation of this policy may result in your contract being cancelled. If a graduate student decides to take the courses without ChE financial support, the student is expected to finish his/her **thesis defense** by the end of that quarter; otherwise the student will be dropped from the ChE program for lack of progress. You can delay submitting your final copy and applying for graduation, but we want to see that your thesis is done and you will follow through with a ChE degree.

Possible bases for petition:

  1. The course is relevant to the student's research.
  2. The student will finish thesis defense this quarter. He/she needs the course for better job hunting. (The student may be ineligible for support after this quarter in such a case.)

In general, no more than two Math/CS courses will be approved for any student.



This page last revised on August 3, 2006 by Daniel Gulino.