ChBE Graduate Student Summer Session Enrollment and Registration


In general, chemical and biomolecular engineering graduate students are paid four quarters per year and must register four quarters per year. As of Summer 2006, minimum summer enrollment to receive support is 9 credit hours. The U.S. immigration authorities do not require international students to register in the summer if they have been a full-time student in the previous Fall, Winter and Spring quarters. However, the department expects you to be here year-round if you receive a stipend and tuition scholarship, except when the university is closed. 

Two weeks of vacation per year is generally permitted.  More than this, and you are subject to a reduction in pay.

If you plan to take summer off without pay, please discuss this with your research advisor and the graduate chair first.  Any time contemplate a vacation, please discuss the matter with your advisor before purchasing any non-refundable airline tickets. Your entire research group relies on you to successfully meet the goals and deadlines imposed by sponsors and evaluators.


This page last revised on August 3, 2006 by Daniel Gulino.