2003 On The Way
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Below are a few photos not associated with any particular aspect of the trip other than general scenes along the way from Phoenix, where our plane landed, to Las Cruces, our final destination.

Every year we always get a few students who have never flown before.  Erik displays a look of confidence as the plane comes in for a landing in Phoenix at 12:15 a.m. Saturday. Saving on the cost of accommodations at the Phoenix Super 8.  From left, Brian, Erik, Joel.
Waiting for the vans to arrive at the Phoenix Super 8 on the first morning of the trip.  Note the palm tree. Some scenery on the road between Phoenix and Las Cruces by way of Tombstone and Douglas, Arizona.
Basking in the sun under a palm tree while waiting for the vans at the Phoenix Super 8. Being members of the same team extends to well beyond laboratory and desk work.  It also requires that you have the same pajamas.  Sara and Lindsay model the latest fashions in arsenic removal from drinking water.

More scenery en route courtesy of Andy.

We spent a lot of time in vans, so it seems only fitting to include a few photos of people keeping up cheery dispositions.  Here's five.

We passed through Saguaro cactus country.  This is the kind of cactus everyone associates with the southwest thanks to the Roadrunner/Coyote cartoons.  If you looked carefully along the side of the road, you could see strewn about little cardboard boxes with "Acme" printed on the sides. No road trip is complete without a little car trouble.  Ben complained that his Ford Windstar vibrated a bit more than it should whenever the air conditioning was on.  We noted no obvious problems under the hood, so Ben lived with it, and we encountered no problems for the remainder of the trip.  This photo was taken in the parking lot of a McDonald's in Douglas, Arizona, about a mile from the Mexican border.