2003 Farley's
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Farley's is a TGI Friday's-type of place in Las Cruces that we have made a point of visiting at least once during our trips out there for the last four years.  Usually it's been at the end of the week, but this time we went their on our first night in town for a late dinner.


Most of us went to Farley's for a late dinner on our first night in Las Cruces this year.  The waitress was kind enough to take the photo.

In this reading-the-menus photo, Brian (front right) is supposedly giving a thumbs-up to something, but he looks more like he has a stomach ache.


Menu entry for the Mondo Hondo, and it really does say "bigger than yer damned head."

Erik attacking a Mondo Hondo.  Erik has a big head, so the burger was only the same size as his head, not bigger.


Ben sneaking up on his Mondo Hondo.  Compare with the photo at right, which is from last year.

Ben enjoying a Mondo Hondo during our 2002 visit.  Some things don't change.