The Adventures of Flat Chad  2003
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The real Flat Stanley Chemical Engineering's Flat Chad


Flat Chad is based on the Flat Stanley children's book written by Jeff Brown.  Briefly, Stanley Lambchop (Lambchop?) is a small boy living a perfectly normal life until one day a bulletin board falls on him and renders him flat.  Rather than lament his condition, he decides to take advantage of it.  For one thing, it's now easy for him to travel, because all he has to do is put himself in an envelope (or have someone, such as his mother, put him in an envelope) and have himself mailed to wherever he wants to go.

Nowadays, there are all sorts of Flat Stanley projects around the country where groups of kids at schools and so forth create Flat Stanleys, mail them around the country and world, and ask that photographs of Stanley in various exotic locales be sent back to the kids.  You can read all about it at any number of websites, such as this one.

In our case, we brought with us a fellow patterned (literally as well as figuratively!) after Flat Stanley, but ours is called Flat Chad.  Chad accompanied us on our trip to the southwest in 2003, and this page begins the chronicle of his adventures.


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