The Guy in the Speedo
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This story is so good it deserves its own page.  You see, we were making our way down the trail, minding our own business, not causing anyone any trouble, when along comes this guy from the other direction who was barely dressed.  (See the top photo below.) When he and his hiking companion reached us, they stopped and asked if we would mind being photographed with the barely-dressed guy.  (When he got closer, we could see that he was wearing only a Speedo-style bathing suit, a hat, socks, and sneakers.) We said sure, but we had to ask what was going on.

We were told the following story:  The Guy In The Speedo (he wouldn't give out his nameand who could blame him?so that's how he shall be forever known) was one of a group of guys who had rafted down the Colorado River to the Phantom Ranch, where they then left the river to hike out of the canyon on the Bright Angel Trail.  Well, it seems that they made a bet that only males traveling by themselves would make, and that was whichever of them could hold "it" the least long after they began their trip down the river would have to hike out of the canyon in a Speedo.  In other words, whoever had to go number 1 first was the loser.  This guy was the loser, and he had a great sense of humor to actually do this.  The bet also required the loser to be photographed with groups of people on the way out of the canyon.  This is the bottom photo below.


The Guy In The Speedo approaches.  We could sense trouble coming a mile (or, in this case, a hundred feet) away.
The required group shot.  The Guy in the Speedo, as if he needed any introduction, is front and center.