2003 Grand Canyon - Indian Garden
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Indian Garden is the name of a rest stop, water stop, and campground on the Bright Angel Trail about 4.5 miles from the South Rim.   It is visible from the South Rim as a tree-filled area along the Bright Angel Trail, and it is named Indian Garden because Native Americans (a.k.a. "Indians") once lived there and raised crops.

During the winter months, it is the only point along the trail between the South Rim and the Colorado River where drinking water is available.  Indian Garden also marks the point of greatest descent along the Bright Angel Trail between the Rim and Plateau Point.  The trail descends 3060 feet in elevation from the South Rim to Indian Garden, and then it climbs 135 feet over the 1.5 miles between Indian Garden and Plateau Point.


Only 4.5 miles back to the rim, and it's all up hill!
Several of us rest at Indian Garden before tackling the last 1.5 miles to Plateau Point.