2003 Mexico
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After visiting Tombstone, to continue to Las Cruces involved either backtracking 25 miles to Interstate 10 or continuing along the same road to the southeast which would eventually curl back northeast and rejoin I-10 west of Lordsburg, New Mexico.  We went this way, and the route carries you through the historic mining town of Bisbee and on to Douglas, Arizona, which is just across the border from Agua Prieta, Mexico.  We stopped in Douglas, and most of us walked across the border.  Anyone who had a passport or birth certificate and could thus get back across the border into the U.S. took the opportunity to set foot in Mexico.  No one gave us a second glance when we went IN to Mexico, but we were scrutinized well by U.S. border patrol agents when we returned to this country.


The only photo we have of Bisbee.  This is a view of the mine pit taken through the car window as we passed by.

Walking to Mexico.


The pedestrian walkway TO Mexico.  We were struck by all the shopping carts parked there.  I guess they're used by Mexicans who commute on foot to their jobs in the U.S. each day.  The walkway has you pass through a revolving gate (visible just to the left of the guy in the white shirt leading this group of people) which does not allow objects the size of shopping carts to pass.

Agua Prieta street scene.  Strangely enough, all the signs are in Spanish!


More street scenery from Agua Prieta.


Still more Mexican street scenery.  We were struck by how few people were on the streets at what seemed like should have been a busy time of day (about 4:30 p.m. on a Saturday).

The U.S. port of entry from the Mexican side.  Vehicles on the left, pedestrians on the right.