2003 Grand Canyon - Plateau Point
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Plateau Point was the objective of the hikers on our visit to the Grand Canyon.  It is located just over six miles from the South Rim on the Bright Angel Trail.  Hiking from the Rim to the Point takes about three to four hours, and count on twice that to get back to the Rim.  Thus, you want an early start, and expect it to be an all-day hike.  It IS strenuous, because the return hike, which you're making after you've been walking for hours, is all up hill.  But if you prepare properly, are in reasonable physical condition, and bring plenty of food and water, you can have an enjoyable time.  Plateau Point itself will be well worth the hike, because, if nothing else, the views of the Colorado River are spectacular.

Below are lots of photos taken by many different cameras of the scenery along the trail from Indian Gardens to Plateau Point and of the scenery from the Point.



Looking  back from Plateau Point, the trail visible in the left center of this photo that zig-zags down the hill is the continuation of the Bright Angel Trail to the river and Phantom Ranch.  The main trail splits from the trail to Plateau Point about a half-mile out of Indian Garden. Jumping on one of these mules and letting HIM carry you back to the rim sure sounds inviting.  Actually, what they REALLY need at Plateau Point is a hamburger stand where you could get a cheeseburger, fries, and a chocolate milkshake.
Beginning the hike back to the rim. Watch that last step.  It's a doozie!
Shannon, Jen, and Meghan indicate the direction back to the rim.  Looks pretty darn far away!