2003 Brewpubs and Restaurants
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El Paso


The Sunset Brewery, a new brewpub located in an old Burger King in El Paso.  We watched the first half of the 2003 NCAA men's basketball tournamet final here.

We watched the second half of the NCAA tournament final at another El Paso restaurant/pub called Jaxon's.  Above is the four-scoop brownie sundae, and this is the before picture.


This is the after picture of that brownie sundae.

And this is the s**t-eating grin on the guy who ate it.


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Las Cruces

High Desert Brewing Company

The High Desert Brewing Company is about our favorite place in Las Cruces.  It's a small brewpub located at the edge of a residential area operated by a guy who wants only to spend his life making beer and figured out a way to make enough money at it so that he wouldn't have to do anything else.  It's small, with a small, outdoor seating area, there is music several nights a week, the people are very friendly, and the beer is always fresh and tasty.

In the photo above, Andy, Darin, Mark, and Travis enjoy a round on the first night in Las Cruces.  At left, Dan and Darin stop by for a quick lunch during the week.




We've been here many times, and I'm sure we'll go as long as it continues to stand.  There's nothing like fresh custard from Scoopy's


La Posta

Figuring that a city in the southwestern U.S. ought to boast any number of good Mexican restaurants, we asked the desk clerk at our hotel for a recommendation.  She suggested La Posta, which is located in the Old Mesilla historic area just outside Las Cruces. 


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Flagstaff Brewpubs

The Mogollon (pronounced "MUG-ee-un") Brewing Company is one of three brewpubs located within about a three block area in the downtown shopping area of Flagstaff.


The Flagstaff Brewing Company was the least restuarant-like and the most rowdy bar-like of the three brewpubs.

That's not frozen foam on the outside of those two glasses.  We had just bought souvenir pint glasses with the brewery logo on them.


The Beaver Street Brewery was where we all ate dinner on our last night in the southwest.  It was excellent.