2003 Task 2
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Sara and Lindsay at left, with Erik, Natalie, and Jill at right. Lindsay, Natalie, Sara, and Jill.  They got rid of that Erik fellow.
Lindsay pouring water into a bucket (this IS civil engineering, after all)under the watchful eye of Erik, who points a Romulan disruptor at her lest she think of escaping. Natalie, Erik, Lindsay, and Sara clean up well, don't they?  This was taken just before they headed into the oral presentation room.  Jill, who does not clean up well, was left to tend the bench.
The Task 2 team during a visit by a judging team.
Jill, Lindsay, Sara, and Natalie (showing her muscle). Task 2 and advisor Ben Stuart just before heading to the closing banquet.  Jill had to return to Athens.