2003 White Sands - Dune Jumping
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This is what everybody comes to White Sands for, at least in our group.  Nature, wildlife, and the geologic history that gave rise to the white sand is one thing, but we're here to leap off of sand dunes!



This looked like a good dune.  Of course, it didn't look a great deal different from any of the others! The fellow with the camera was an employee of WERC assigned to take photos and video of the week's activities to be used for, among other things, a video highlight film shown at the concluding awards banquet.  His name was Ben, and because we already had a Ben in our group, we called him Ben, Jr.  The name fit, because he actually looked a little like our Ben as well.
There's our three vehicles, parked far apart for no particular reason, and Ben Jr. is at lower right.  You can get a sense of the emptiness of the place from this view.  That's all parking lot out there, and there was no one else in it. Because of the prevailing wind direction, the steep sides of the dunes are usually facing east, away from the setting sun.  We always get a nice view of our shadows atop the shadow of the dune.  The buildings at right are restrooms and picnic shelters.
Now to the dune jumping.


Charlie's Angels

Sand Angels

Joel tosses the frisbee to Natalie. No one seems to be looking at the frisbee.  Of course, it might just be an issue of perspective, and what looks like a frisbee could be one o' them New Mexico UFO's we's always hearin' about!
Task 2.  Standing:  Erik McPeek, Natalie Kruse, and Sara Wessels.  Leaning forward:  Jill Morrison and Lindsay Minck.
Task 3.  On shoulders from left:  Jen Austin, Meghan Doak (Flat Chad fills in for her), and Meagan Hill.  On ground from left:  Mark Offenbacher, Travis Smith, Nick Tipple, and Andy Smeltz.
Task 11.  From left: Brian Clarke, Shannon Stephen, Cheri Borruso, and Joel Bokelman.