White Sands 2003 - Picnic Dinner
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A nice time to visit White Sands is when the sun will be setting.  (Pictures of that are on another page.)  One problem with this is that, with sunset at about 7:30 p.m. at the time of year we're there, the hour it takes to drive to the monument from Las Cruces, and our desire to spend some time viewing the scenery and jumping off the dunes before the sun actually sets, we have to leave Las Cruces early enough that one would need to eat dinner at 4 p.m. or else wait until getting back to Las Cruces about 9 p.m.  One is too early, and the other is kind of late.  (Rest assured that there are no places to eat along the way or at the monument.)  So, this year, we decided to bring our own dinner, and we chose that perennial American favorite, Subway.  Here are a few photos from the picnic dinner.  Everyone had a nice full stomach before engaging in the dune-jumping gymnastics.


We had been to White Sands several times over the years, and for the most part the weather was fine, if not a bit cool and windy.  For our 2003 visit, one could not have asked for better.  Not a cloud in the sky, not a breeze, and about 65 degrees.  A perfect evening for a quick picnic dinner (in these nifty, sheltered-on-one-side-only picnic shelters--pick one that puts the wind direction at your back) followed by massive stomach churning as you jump, roll, and fall down the dunes.