2004 Grand Canyon
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Bright Angel Trail


From a 1962 postcard packet I found in an antique store in Mt. Vernon, Ohio in May 2004. The front of the Bright Angel Lodge in 1962.  Note the 1960 Chevy parked out front.  It's probably the same one I saw in front of the Largo Cafe that we stopped at after visiting the Very Large Array.  Man, that car gets around, and it lasted a long time, too!



We hiked the Bright Angel Trail in 2003, but some of us did not make it all the way to Plateau Point, a distance of six miles from the rim.  This year, most of the group took the South Kaibab Trail hike, but four of us did the Bright Angel out to the Point and back.


Resting up before the hike.  Don't lean back! That's Plateau Point at the end of the trail in the distance.  It doesn't look so far.
Resting along the way. Taking a load off at Indian Garden, a stopping point with restrooms, water, and camping sites about 4.5 miles from the rim and 1.5 miles from Plateau Point.  In the winter months (which include when we were there in early April), this is the only place to get water anywhere below the rim along this trail.    
Taking a load off again! View of the Colorado River from Plateau Point.    
Taking a load off at Plateau Point.  They tell you that the best way to rest is to put your feet above your head so that whatever chemicals that make your leg muscles feel tired can be drained away more easily.  Whatever.  The rocks are hard on your back! Photographed with the sign, to prove we were there!    
  Stopping to rest along the trail leading back to the rim.  We had been caught up with by several of the people who had hiked the South Kaibab trail and had looped around to join up with the Bright Angel trail.