2004 Grand Canyon
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Compare with 1956

I found on eBay a 1956 National Park Service brochure for the Grand Canyon. 

Front cover.
A map of the Grand Canyon.  In the lower right portion, you can see the locations of several of the viewing points along the road to Desert View.  Some of us viewed the sunset at Lipan Point.  Click on the map to enlarge it. Enlargement of the inset on the lower left of the map showing the South Rim area in relation to Flagstaff and other nearby towns.  Note Route 66 running along the bottom.  As noted elsewhere in the brochure, route 66 was the route across northern Arizona at that time.  No interstate highways just yet!
The Bright Angel Lodge in 1956. The back cover.  Note the prices!  One dollar gets your carload a 15-day permit.  It's $20 today.



On the South Rim Afterwards

Tired, a little sore, and certainly redder, the intrepid hikers make it out of the canyon.
Some of the South Kaibab trail group, holding themselves together for a photo. What they really looked like the moment the camera was turned away.




Watching the Sun Set

To the east of Grand Canyon Village are several vantage points where one can see the river as well as take in the sunsets, which can be spectacular.  The most notable such point is called Desert View, but there are several other locations as well.

From the same postcard packet I found in the antique store was this 1962 view of the Watchtower at Desert View.  It still looks the same today.  
It was cold and windy at the end of the day, and standing around shivering while waiting for the sun to set was the order of the day.  Photo on left taken at Desert View.  Photo on right taken at Lipan Point.  
Desert View is one of the places along the rim where you can see the Colorado River.  
The sun, setting. The sun, set.