2004 Farley's
Home Up



We have been visiting Farley's for our end-of-the-week celebratory dinner every year since we first came out to Las Cruces.  It is a T.G.I. Friday's type of place with good food and a good atmosphere.


Exterior sign.

Dammy waits for friends to arrive.



They did!




The 2004 installment of the Mondo Hondo wars commence!


Brian goes first.

Phil shows the form that won him the regional championship last year.


Lucas makes a feeble attempt.

Lindsay makes an attempt, but she was disqualified for using a Mondo junior!  What is this?  The dollar menu at McDonald's?


Ben!  Say it isn't so!  Eating a Mondo Hondo with a knife and fork?!  What's next?  A bib?

Dan, who has never had a Mondo Hondo, eats something very little very daintily.


No meal is complete without a chocolate milkshake to top it off.


Please pay attention...

...to ALL of the signs!