2004 Golf
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Every year we've been to New Mexico we've managed to get in at least two rounds of golf.  This year was no different.  On Sunday, we played at Painted Dunes north of El Paso with Gary Gladysz, an OU alumnus (he obtained his M.S. in chemical engineering from Ohio University in 1992) who now works at Los Alamos National Laboratory and who drove down to meet us.  On Tuesday we played at what has become our favorite course in the area, Sonoma Ranch, and we played with Deb Thrall from the University of New Mexico who has been associated with WERC in various capacities for several years.


Gary, Darin, and Dan on a cool, cloudy morning that was threatening rain.  We got our round in, and the rain came pouring down just as we were walking to our car to leave. Deb, Darin, and Dan early in the morning on the first tee at Sonoma Ranch on what turned out to be one of the best days for golf weather-wise in our five years of playing golf in New Mexcio.
Deb shows very fine form at the top of her backswing.  Turn is good, club is high, right elbow could probably be tucked in a bit more, left elbow is straight, weight well-transferred to the right foot with a slight bend to the right knee, head down and looking at the ball. Darin showing his follow-through on his shot on the 16th hole.