2004 Grand Canyon
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South Kaibab Trail



I found this postcard of the Grand Canyon in an antique store. I like the caption on the back.  To call the Grand Canyon merely "an unusual example of stream erosion" is like calling a hurricane an unusually breezy day!



In 2003, anyone who hiked into the canyon took the Bright Angel trail to as far as Plateau Point where there are great views of the Colorado River.  The total hike to and from the Point is about 12 miles. 

This year, while several of us took the same Bright Angel trail hike, most of us took the South Kaibab trail hike, which takes you to Skeleton Point followed by a hike along the Tonto trail over to the Bright Angel trail to get back out.  Thus, you don't retrace your steps getting out of the canyon, but the total hike is a few miles more.