2004 Task 4
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Janae has had just about enough (but of what, we don't know). Now we know!  It's of all this gambling going on around here!
Ben, supervising, and Michelle, as usual, left to do all the work. Catching up on reading.
WERC maintains a good set of tools, workbenches, scrap lumber, and so forth that is available for any of the teams to use.  On the right, Jason is lugging the cylinder containing the specially-prepared CO2/air mixture that we used to simulate power plant flue gas.
Bree is visited by WERC staffer Steve Moats.  Whatever question Steve just asked Bree, she's obviously having to think hard to come up with an answer. There they are with everyone present except Nick Tipple, who had to remain in Athens because of illness.  Here Nick is represented by his WERC name badge, which Bree is kindly and carefully supporting in her hand.
The poster. Ben wanders over to check the goings on.
The heart of the process, the algae growth reactor.  It may not have actually worked, but it sure was the coolest looking thing at this year's competition (and in the end it really did reduce the CO2 content of the gas!) Task 4 presenters Janae Csavina, Jason Phillips, and Krista Adams.  Nick Tipple, who would also have been one of the presenters had he been able to make the trip, was represented in the presentation room by a Mr. Potatohead.