2004 Task 5
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Left to right, that's Jeremy Krohn, Deanna Davis, Joshua Grossman, and Sarah Foresta (back row).  Jill Meranda and Natalie Kruse (front row, straining their backs).   Upon arrival in Las Cruces, Task 5 discovered that their carefully packaged equipment had been apparently treated like so many soccer balls, and pretty much everything arrived broken (including plastic stuff that you didn't think would break!).  But not to worry.  There are few problems in the world that can't be solved with a WalMart, a Home Depot, and a credit card.
The Poster.   Joshua shows how much bigger the poster is than he is.
Definitely some assembly required.  At left, there's Ben again, managing to get himself into yet another picture.  Also, Sarah can be seen having a Mike-Mulligan-and-His-Steam-Shovel moment.  At right, Sarah controls Jill by the built-in handle sticking out of the back of her head.
There it is, all put together.   There they are, going somewhere with a purpose.  This looks like something out of a movie.   "The Right Stuff," perhaps?
The presenters posing under a palm tree.  The real question is, with this being an outdoor shot and thus presumably no flash was used, why are Jeremy's eyes closed?