2005 Award
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Ohio University returned to its winning ways in 2005 by collecting (actually, sharing with another school, the University of Manitoba, but we're not complaining) one of the special awards.  This year it was the Bechtel Award for most innovative approach, and it went to the Task 8 team for the design for a dust control measure.  The award consisted of a sand painting, a traveling trophy, and a check for $1250.  Congratulations to the Task 8 team!


The Ohio University and University of Manitoba Task 8 teams share the stage.  Allison Tate (third from left) holds OU's sand painting, and Dave McCandlish (to her left) holds the traveling trophy.  The Manitoba team will hold the trophy for the first half of the year, and we will have it for the second half.
The award winners (both teams) in more formal pose.
Ohio's Task 8 team posing with their awards and with Alex Nazarali, representative of Bechtel, the company who sponsors the award.
Here are close-up views of the trophy itself.  It's two feet tall and weighs around 20 lbs.  We shared the award this year with the team from the University of Manitoba.