2005 Banquets
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The WERC opening banquet is an informal affair where the WERC Executive Director, Abbas Ghassemi, welcomes us, the judges and other dignitaries are introduced, and each university's teams are introduced.  At the conclusion of the banquet, the mandatory safety meeting is held with the task team leaders.


Clockwise starting at left:  Kyle Jansen, Justin Chenevey, Dave McCandlish, Jennifer Phillips, Allison Tate. Clockwise starting at left:  Joey Taylor, Russ Farquhar, Marc Christman, Jason Schuster, Kim Frye.
Yup, a lot of people. Standing in line for food.  After viewing this photo for a while, click here for a movie of paint drying.
The food. More of the food.
Krista Adams participated on one of our WERC teams in 2004 as a senior.  After graduation, she went to work in Albuquerque, and she's getting her master's degree from New Mexico State as well.  Thus, she was present again this year at the competition, but now as a member of an enemy team.  We pretended we didn't know her!






The closing banquet is a more formal buffet lunch where we once again hear from various dignitaries, see a video from Senator Pete Domenici congratulating us and regretting that he couldn't be with us (funny how he has been unable to be with us for at least the seven straight years we have been attending), and find out who won the awards.  It has been known to be a measure of endurance to stay awake through the almost three hours of the closing banquet, but Dr. Ghassemi got us through it in a little over two hours this year, and we thank him!

It doesn't look much different from the opening banquet, except that some of the people are slightly better dressed.  Some are dressed worse, though, so it all evens out in the end.