2005 Brewpubs
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We hit a total of seven brewpubs this year, including new ones in Phoenix, Tucson, El Paso, and Sedona.  Here are photos from a few of the visits.


On a gorgeous first full day in the southwest, on our way from Phoenix to Las Cruces, we stopped at this excellent restaurant/brewpub in a shopping mall in Tucson.
This brewpub in El Paso, where we've gone the last three years on the Monday night of our visit because that's been the night of the NCAA men's basketball tournament final game, is a brewpub no more.  The sign needs to be changed.  They no longer make their own beer, and thus we'll probably never go there again.
One of the best ways to sample all of a brewpub's wares without having to order a glass of each is to order a set of samplers.  Most brewpubs will bring you the set of glasses and simply set them on the table.  At this particular pub in El Paso, they had a different idea.
This pub is in Phoenix, and we stopped on our way from Las Cruces to Flagstaff on the night before our Grand Canyon trip.