2005 Frozen Custard
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In previous years, this page might have been called simply the "Scoopy's Page."  But upon our return to Las Cruces this year, we discovered that Scoopy's was no more.  Oh, the custard stands were still there, and they were still serving the frozen custard we return to Las Cruces for year after year, but their name is now Caliche's.  Apparently, upon expansion into neighboring states, the owners of Scoopy's discovered that, in one of those states, another restaurant was already operating under the Scoopy's name, so these newcomers had to change theirs.  Not wanting multiple names to confuse people, they decided to change the name of every restaurant they owned.  Hence, Caliche's


An oasis in the distance.
It is just not possible to appreciate eating frozen custard with a mere word description. One must have pictures.