2005 Grand Canyon
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This year the entire group took the same basic hike.  We descended into the canyon on the South Kaibab trail until it met the Tonto Trail.  We took that west to the Bright Angel trail at Indian Garden, and then we came back out of the canyon along the Bright Angel.  This hike totals 13 miles (4.5 down the South Kaibab, 4 along the Tonto, and 4.5 back up the Bright Angel).  Several of us walked the extra 3 miles to go from Indian Garden to Plateau Point and back before starting up the Bright Angel, so their hike totaled 16 miles.


Waiting (and shivering) for the bus to transport us to the South Kaibab trailhead. Let's take a picture of it first before we head down!
We didn't want to see this!  We didn't find any ice or snow, though. You can just make out the hikers just slightly left and below the center of the photo.
Now where are they? Two old guys resting.  They did this a lot.
You can see the Phantom Ranch from one spot along the Tonto Trail between the South Kaibab and Bright Angel trails. The Tonto Trail heading west from the South Kaibab.
Mule rest at the Tonto/South Kaibab intersection.  

I'm not trying to make light of safety, but the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw this sign was that your best bet to stay safe was to not look like him!  
The full group, each still in one piece, back out of the canyon at the end of the day.