2005 Task 8
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This team proposed a method to control dust particulates made airborne by human activity,  Their process involved production of glycerin, to spray onto and control the dust, and biodiesel from waste vegetable oil obtained from such places as fast food restaurants.  This approach had the benefits of obtaining the products from a waste material, and one of the products could be used a fuel in the vehicles used to apply the glycerin.  The innovativeness of this approach resulted in this team winning an award that recognized solutions that looked "outside the box."


Assembling the poster. Lab-coated up and ready to go.  Don't even THINK about asking about what number aquarium that is.
The poster. Visited by a judging team.
Practicing the presentation. Cleaned up for presentation day.  Jennifer Phillips, Allison Tate, Dave McCandlish, and Kyle Jansen.