2005 The Thing
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Everyone heard so much about all the fun the few of us who had visited The Thing last year had that everyone wanted to stop for a visit this year!  It IS truly amazing just how much your dollar buys you in entertainment.  Also, be sure to check this NPR story for more information on The Thing.


It's difficult to resist this kind of enticement...a mystery that also features colorful agate bookends.  When you finally reach the exit for The Thing on I-10 in eastern Arizona, you will have passed about 30 of these signs. It's just irresistible.
It's not clear why there's a question mark.  Is there some doubt as to whether or not it really is a thing?  Free admssion for those 5 and under. A photo of people taking photos.  These people each paid a dollar.
Perfect for those 5-and-unders who can get in for free! The collection ranges far and wideat least as far as old Coca-Cola coolers, and at least as wide as two of them.
Discovering the secret. It's actually TWO things!  A mother thing and a baby thing.
We can find humor in anything! Like any good "museum" and gift shop operation, you emerge from the tour in the gift shop at the opposite end of the room from the exit.
Now THIS is some history.  You haven't seen these in store windows since the 1970s.  (BankAmericard became Visa in 1976; MasterCharge became MasterCard in 1979you can find out anything on the internet!) Now here's some-THING you don't see too often.  Professor Ridgway makes himself useful.