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Part of the fun and enjoyment of traveling is visiting local restaurants, and one of our great pleasures is sampling locally-brewed beers.  Local breweries are often part of a restaurant, so it's a chance to try a new place to eat as well.

We have visited pretty much every known brewpub in the various cities and locales we have visited on our trips (but we haven't hit every one of them in Phoenix and Tucson...yet), and we were surprised and delighted this year to discover the existence of a new one in one of the cities we pass through.  This one was in the very small (population about 1000) city of Springerville, Arizona.


The Wellhead Restaurant and Brewery in Artesia, New Mexico.  Artesia is on the way between Albuquerque and Carlsbad, and we happened to be passing through right at lunchtime.  We had first visited this brewpub during our 2002 visit to New Mexico.
Getting out of the vehicles and walking up the street.
We're all sitting around one table, and the kindly waitress snapped the picture.
Russ is attempting to operate one of the oil well displays in the brewpub.  Hey Russ... it's just a model and doesn't actually pump oil!


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Our most favorite brewpub in all of brewpub-dom is the High Desert Brewing Company in Las Cruces.  We discovered it in 2000.  Located off of a main thoroughfare in a residential neighborhood, it is the modern-day equivalent of the quintessential corner bar.  About the size of four phone booths welded together, it offers frequent live music, an outdoor seating area, excellent pub food, and the best homemade beer we have ever found.  If you're ever in Las Cruces, and if you like beer at all, you owe yourself a visit.
I always like to try to take night photos with my digital camera.  This is slightly overexposed, but you can still get a good sense of the place.
There's always a large selection of beers on-hand.  A green dot indicates that it's currently available.
Getting everyone into the photo by any means possible.


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The newly discovered brewpub is the Wild Weede Brewery in Springerville, Arizona.  We found it listed on the web before we left for the southwest, and we made a point of passing through Springerville on our way from Las Cruces to Winslow the day before our hiking day in the Grand Canyon.  We discovered that it is actually part of a restaurant called Li'l Ranglers.  They had only two brews on tap (which were, at best, o.k.), but the staff was very friendly, and we had a nice dinner.

That's us heading into the restaurant.
Obligatory photo of all of us sitting around a table.