2006 The Competition
Home Up



For 2006, the WERC competition returned to tents.  For the previous four years (2002-2005), it had been held in the Pan Am Center on the NMSU campus, but that building was undergoing renovations and couldn't be used.  We apparently will be back in the Pan Am Center for 2007.




Assembly of the bench-scale demonstration.

Into the tent for 2006.
The 300 lb box, shipped from Athens to Las Cruces, awaits transport the last 50 feet to its final resting place.
Four guys, two of whom have bad backs, pick it up and carry it.  I volunteered to take the picture.
Unpacking and assembling.
Time for a little levity.  (A very little!)
Taking a break.
Relaxing a bit after completing the assembly.
Ready for the judges!
The judges visit!



Prepping for the oral presentation.

Reviewing the presentation the night before.
Squinting into the sun as this was taken before departing the motel.
Very dapper!
Then again, maybe not.
Need the female presence to class things up a bit.