2006 The Demonstration
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A diesel engine was located outside the tent, and its exhaust outlet was connected to our bench-scale electrostatic precipitator.  A probe was used by WERC personnel to determine any changes in the emissions.


We can now settle once and for all the question of what "WERC" actually stands for.  This information cannot be found anywhere on the current WERC website.  It's "Waste-management Education and Research Consortium," with the first two words hyphenated so that that inconvenient M can be gotten rid of.
Bob demonstrates that the probe is simply held in the end of the outlet tube to get a reading.  Here, a reading of the non-treated output taken directly from the engine is obtained.
Assembly pretty much complete.
The power supply is adjusted to provide the necessary voltage to the ESP.
The ESP is now treating the exhaust stream.  The outlet from the ESP can be sampled with the probe.