2006 Farley's
Home Up



With the exception of last year, we have visited Farley's for one meal during each of the years we have been to Las Cruces.  It's a roadhouse-type restaurant in the Applebee's/TGI Friday's mode, and we always have a good time.  One of the attractions is the Mondo Hondo, a full one-pound-of-meat hamburger that dares anyone to eat all of it.  This year, the challenge was taken up by the four guys, and only three succeeded.


We go in.
In case you were wondering what to do here.


The Mondo Hondo wars.

If you have a small head.  The price is up a buck since we were last here in 2004.
A Mondo Hondo in its pristine, as-served, unadulterated state.
Jeff digs in.
Ben follows suit.
Bob is more dainty about it.
Russ shows fine form, and he has to squint for some reason.
Russ and Bob sit back after finishing off their Hondos.  Both look like they could explode at any moment.
Ben shows off his quite clean plate (above) and the muscle that allowed him to do it (below).
Jeff, on the other hand, was defeated.  He, you understand, was only a junior, while Russ, Ben, and Bob were all seniors and thus had already had taken the course where one-pound hamburger eating is covered.  Perhaps Jeff will finish his Mondo Hondo next year.
After a few more nibbles at it, Jeff decided to take the rest back to his motel room.  It ended up getting left behind when we checked out later in the week, and we suspect that it is still in the in-room refrigerator to this day because the staff is afraid to touch it.  I know I would be!
Ben Stuart, the now-retired Mondo Hondo champion, demonstrates (above and below) what he has now moved on to.  Milkshakes.