2006 Frozen Custard
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Another of our favorite places to visit in Las Cruces is Caliche's Frozen Custard.  It used to be called Scoopy's until a conflict with a similarly-named establishment in a neighboring state forced Scoopy's to come up with a new name, but it's the same underneath. 

If you've never had frozen custard, you're truly missing something.  I wish it were available here in Athens, but, alas, such is not the case.  I grew up in Rochester, New York, where Abbott's Frozen Custard has been around for decades and is famous across the area.



Daytime shot.  Caliche's is simple, humble, and to the point.
Each of us, with our choice of confection, amazed at the tricks I can do with my camera.
What's this???  Fat free???  Say it ain't so!!!  Fat-free equals taste-free!  I want my cream, eggs, and sugar!  If I want health food, I'll go somewhere else!  Caliche's, we implore you, take this down!  Next thing you know, they'll be serving tofu and sprouts, and then we can all go home.