2006 Grand Canyon
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For the fourth year in a row, we made a visit to the Grand Canyon our end-of-week activity before flying back to Ohio.  Each year, groups of us took one or more hikes into and back out of the canyon.  This year, one group took the South Kaibab Trail into the canyon, the Tonto Trail west to the Bright Angel Trail at Indian Garden, and then followed the Bright Angel back to the rim.  All together, this is about a 13 mile hike that sees about a 3,000 foot drop in elevation.

The other group took a less strenuous hike along the Hermit Trail to Dripping Spring and back.  This totals about six miles in length and sees a change in elevation of only about 1,500 feet.  Still, it's a good bit of exercise with some excellent scenery, and it's a bit off the beaten path.

As has been the case every year for four straight years, we had excellent hiking weather, with temperatures at the rim starting out in the upper 30s when we arrived about 8 a.m. and reaching about 60 by the middle of the day.



OK, it's not a picture of the Grand Canyon.  Rather, this is looking out the front window as we drive along I-40 west towards Flagstaff.  The snow-capped mountain in the distance is Humphrey's Peak.  With a summit at 12,633 feet, it is the highest point in Arizona.  The Cracker Barrel billboard on the right is something I had never seen before.
Twenty dollars gets your carload of four in not just for the day, but for a week!
The brochure and park newspaper are handed to you as you enter.