2006 Relaxing
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For the second year in a row, we stayed at a motel with an outdoor pool (the Best Western Mesilla Valley Inn).  While the week in Las Cruces is generally very busy, there is the occasional moment for a little down time, and what better place is there to spend it on a Wednesday afternoon in April while the rest of their student colleagues are attending classes and otherwise hard at work back in Ohio.


The guys.
The ladies.

For some reason, they chose to sit on the other side of the pool, away from the guys.  On second thought, maybe it's not so surprising.

At one point, our heroes were visited by motel security.  Pool use is limited to registered motel guests, and the security people wanted to make sure that the boys really were registered guests.  Apparently anyone who takes an inordinate number of photos of their own feet is automatically suspect.  A sound policy if there ever was one.