2006 Vehicles
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We spend a great deal of time in our rental vehicles over the course of a week, so we take great care in their selection.  Over the eight years of our visits, we have rented practically every type of vehicle out there, including sedans, minivans, intermediate and full-size SUVs, and full-size vans.  What we rent depends on what price we can get and how many of us are traveling.  This year, we rented two "intermediate" SUVs, both Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredos.



The gold one was Darin's.  He ended up putting 1,808 miles on it.  The silver one was mine.  It had 1,893 miles added to it by the end of the week.   Must have been because of a few extra runs to Scoopy's.  Fortunately, we get these with unlimited miles!
Carrying the golf clubs on the roof.  This was taken along U.S. 180 in western New Mexico on our way to Winslow.