2008 Competition Scenery
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When we were last in New Mexico in 2006, the contest was spending one year back in the tents while the Pan Am center was being remodeled.  They returned to the Pan Am last year, and we were in there again this year.  The remodel consisted primarily of improving the peripherals (rest rooms, snack stands, etc.) as well as adding meeting room and other space.  The arena itself, including the seating, was pretty much unchanged.


A couple of wide shots of the competition arena.
The task 3 booth can be seen at the upper right.  They have the blue poster in front of which several people are standing.
A view from the other side of the arena.  The task 3 booth is now at lower left, and the back side of the poster is visible.
The task 1 booth is dead center in the photo facing to the right.  You really can't see much, but the back side of their poster is visible just above dead center.
Just for comparison purposes, here's a shot from the 2002 competition, the first year it was held indoors rather than in tents.  Seating has been added between the lower and upper sections (compare the yellow seats in the lower and upper sections in both photos), but for the most part it is unchanged.  The draping is red instead of blue, though!
Since we're in a comparing arena shots mode, here's a wide shot from 2003.  The draping was green.
In for a penny, in for a pound.  Here's a wide shot of the arena from 2004.  The draping was purple.
To round things out, here a wide shot from 2005.  The draping was more of a teal.
For the sake of completeness, here's a shot of the tent from 2000.  This is what the contest was held in prior to the Pan Am center.