2008 Frozen Custard
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A trip to Las Cruces is not complete without a stop at Caliche's (formerly—and still in our hearts—Scoopy's) Frozen Custard.  If you click on the link and go to the Caliche's site, look carefully at the photo in the center of the page.  It's a Scoopy's!


Photo from 2002.  Scoopy's then...Caliche's now.
The menu is large and varied.   In neon, including the ice cream cones.
An oasis in the desert.   Satisfied customers.
This photo is from 2006, and it suggested that a disturbing trend was possibly in the offing which was that Caliche's might possibly be going health-conscious on us.
This 2008 picture of a different sign in the same place put our hearts at ease.  Buy one hot dog, get another free.  99-cent floats.  They have jobs available.  Now that's what we want to see!