2008 Grandview Trail
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The Grandview trailhead is several miles east of the Grand Canyon Village.  To get there, you need to drive to the Grandview overlook and park.

The Grandview trail sees about a 2400 foot drop in elevation in going out to Horseshoe Mesa, and the trail is among the steepest, in spots, that we have hiked on.  We also encountered a bit of snow along the trail near the top, but we were able to get around it.

The Grandview trail was originally established by miners in the early 20th century in order to reach their copper mines around Horseshoe Mesa.  The mines themselves along with some of their equipment, rusting away, are still visible.


A couple of informative signs at the top of the Grandview Trail.
Dr. Ridgway taking a couple of deep breaths and checking out his trekking poles before heading down.   That's Horseshoe Mesa.
One of those rickety trails we heard about.   Dr. Ridgway ON one of those rickety trails.
A U.S.G.S. trail marker from 1904 embedded in a rock showing our elevation as 6190 feet.  We had descended about 1000 feet to get to this point.   Pausing at Coconino Saddle, where we crossed from one ridge to another.
One of those old pieces of mine equipment laying around.  The pickaxes are from much later, we think (would those wooden handles have survived 100+ years exposed to the elements looking like that?), and we don't know who left them there.   There we are standing triumphantly next to the Horseshoe Mesa sign with the mesa behind us.  The sign is 3.2 miles from the rim.
That sign, up close.  Toilets were off to the right, and what interesting toilets they were.  You sit up about five feet off the ground, and there is no door nor roof, so it's like a throne in the sky.   A mine entrance.
Exterior and interior shots of the one structure remaining at the mine site.  It was originally the cook's shack.