2008 South Kaibab/Tonto/Bright Angel
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The South Kaibab trailhead is located east of the Grand Canyon Village.  To get there, you can ride a shuttle, or you can get dropped off near but not at the trailhead.

Hiking down the South Kaibab, west along the Tonto, and back out along the Bright Angel is a strenuous hike covering about 13 miles and taking you down and then up 3,000 feet in elevation.  It is about as much of a hike as one can realistically do in one day.


One last photo, of everyone together, just before starting the hike.  In case anyone didn't make it out, this would be the last official record of their existence.
    Mr. Grooms
Mr. Bratton    
    Nifty silhouette
Mr. Maglich    
Ms. Mitchell   Mr. Morgan
Mr. Mule    
Goodbye, guys.   They're down there somewhere.  Good!  That's just that much more room in the van for the rest of us.
If you want to move them, move them.  In my opinion, though, these are ok right where they are.
Ms. Buzzard   You can see one of the bridges over the Colorado River in this shot.
I left this one a little larger so you can see the boats tied up on the shore of the river along with the bridge off to the right.
They're spelling out O-H-I-O.  I just now figured that out!    
Relaxing at Indian Garden before the "quick" hike out of the canyon on the Bright Angel.   Almost at the top of the Bright Angel and out.