2008 Task 3
Home Up



This team's task was to propose a way to remove the salt from brackish water to make it suitable for drinking.  Their solution consisted of a reverse osmosis system and a solar pond.  This approach was chosen by most of the other teams entered in this task.


First it has to be gotten out of the box.   Reverse osmosis system at left, solar pond at right.
Completed bench-scale setup.   This wasn't ours, but we had to get a picture of it.  The team from California Polytechnic had a student who was minoring in art, and the influence was demonstrated in the poster.  Not sure it was better or worse, but it was definitely unconventional.
To jump start the establishment of the solar pond, a process which normally can take several days, it was necessary to preheat the water.  We used a turkey cooker borrowed from one of the kindly WERC staff.   Stirring a pot of water.  Hey, we're chemical engineers, and that's what we do!
Men in Black.

All dressed up and ready to present are, from left, Cody, Dan, and Tyler.  Joe and Matt stayed behind to stir the pot.

  One last review before facing the judges.  This task's presentation room was in the Pan Am center, so you could wait in the seats.
Eagerly awaiting the next judging team.   They're here.  Get up and talk!