2008 Vehicles
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Making a permanent record of the vehicles rented has become a regular thing.  We travel great distances when on our New Mexico trips, and we start to feel like we know the vehicle better than we know our own mothers!

In 2008, there were eleven of us, so a single 15-passenger van was just right.  One more, and we would have needed two vehicles.  With the price of gas getting to be what it is (around $3.60 per gallon at this writing), minimizing the number of vehicles on which we put about 1400 miles each saves a lot of money.


Our 2008 Chevrolet Express 15-passenger van.  It was nearly new with only about 3800 miles on it when we picked it up.  We returned it with about 5200 miles on the odometer.  Thank goodness for unlimited mileage rental policies!  The only downside was that the remote keyless entry fob did not work.  We didn't notice this until we had left the rental agency, so we had to live with actually putting a key in a door slot for a week.  Such torture.