2009 Banquet
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As was done for the first time two years ago, the closing banquet was held on Wednesday night rather than Thursday noon.  This is a much better arrangement.  Unlike last year, we were back in the Corbett Center ballroom, rather than the Ramada Inn, but the food was excellent, and it was a pleasant evening with an excellent keynote speaker.


With the economy weak, turnout for this year's competition was down, but there were still overall a good number of schools on hand.
The always up, always enthusiastic WERC director Abbas Ghassemi at the podium getting things going after dinner.
The keynote speaker for this year's closing banquet, Michael Gabeldon, a scientist with the Bureau of Reclamation, gave a an excellent talk, complete with sound effects, about his agency's history and work.
The entire group in front of our motel after the banquet on our last night in Las Cruces.  The next morning would begin 2.46 x 106 consecutive hours in the van as we made our way to the Grand Canyon.