2009 Brewpubs
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Enjoying new "craft" beers is as much a part of any trip as anything else a tourist might do.  We have visited many brewpubs during our annual visits to New Mexico, Texas, and Arizona.  This year, we hit one new one, one old favorite, and one we hadn't been to in several years.



Our first one this time, and a new one for us, was Barrio Brewing Company in Tucson, where we stopped for lunch on our first day.  It is located on the edge of town in a more industrial area, which is in keeping with the outside look and inside decoration of the place.  By the time we settled in for lunch here at about 2 p.m. local time, we had been up for about 14 hours, had been on planes first to Atlanta and then Phoenix, and had had only a muffin or something similar for breakfast about 8 hours earlier, so everyone was hungry.
The High Desert Brewing Company in Las Cruces.  First discovered by us with some difficulty and requiring the services of a kind of a weird guy at the side of the road to give us directions back in 2000, it is simply the best brewpub we have ever found.  Excellent beer, decent food, friendly help, a small, unpretentious building at the edge of a residential area on a side street in Las Cruces, New Mexico...what more could you ask for?  That it be in Athens?  Maybe, but then it wouldn't be the little place we can only get to a few days a year, and we would take it for granted.
Jaxson's Restaurant and Brewing Company in El Paso.  We had been here before, but it had been a few years.  On Wednesday of our week in New Mexico, we had some extra time, so we drove down to El Paso for a few hours, looked around, and ate lunch here.