Doughnuts 2009
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Doughnuts, you say? 

Why are we wasting a web page on doughnuts?  Well, let me tell you.  On our second morning in the southwest, before we got on the road, the two profs had a hankering for a nice doughnut to go with our coffee. 

So did we look in the phone book to see where the nearest doughnut shop was? 


Did we ask at the front desk? 


We did what any red-blooded resident of Earth does in 2009, we Googled "Benson donuts."  Well, it turned out that there was a doughnut shop just on the other side of the interstate, and it wasn't just any doughnut shop. 

You see, not only can you find doughnut shops on the web, you can find reviews of doughnut shops on the web, and, sure enough, not only were there several reviews of this just-on-the-other-side-of-the-interstate doughnut shop, but one writer claimed that he had had the best cinnamon twist and apple fritter that he had ever had in his whole life at this doughnut shop.  Now that's goin' some.

Well, that was all that the two profs had to hear (read, actually), and off we went.  After all, we've had many apple fritters and cinnamon twists in our times, and to find the best ones ever, and to find them here in the proverbial middle of I said, that's goin' some.  Well you know what?  This guy was right!  They WERE the best apple fritter and cinnamon twist we had ever had.  Nice and crispy on the outside and soft as cotton candy on the inside.  Truly heavenly. 

So we had to take a picture of the doughnut shop.

We have only the one picture, and because we have only one picture, we had to fill this page with something, and that's why there's all this writing here at the top.

So when you're passing by Benson, Arizona on interstate 10, be sure to get off at exit 304 and go about a block south to Benson Donuts, right next to the Chevron station.  In fact, it's dwarfed by the Chevron station sign (and by the telephone pole), but only in physical stature, not in moral stature nor in our hearts.  Tell 'em "Lcspooky" sent you.