2009 Farley's
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We returned for yet another year in 2009.  A nice place to watch the NCAA basketball tournament finals, although this year's game was a disappointment.  After a one-year hiatus, though, the Mondo Hondo wars did return.


    Do you exhale or inhale as you're drawing the cuestick back?



The price of a Mondo Hondo was up again for 2009.  It may be bigger than yer damned head, but soon it will be bigger than yer damned wallet!



Only two takers this year, but it takes only two to have a contest.  On the left, at 6' 2" and 470 lbs, is civil engineer Aaron Hill.  On the right, at 4' 10" and 85 lbs, is chemical engineer Jeff Cannon.
"That was easy!  Bring on another one," says the cocky senior from the south side of Stocker Center   "It took me only a minute or two longer, and I did use a knife and fork for the last of it, but that was only because it fell apart!  Plus, I'm only a junior, and HE's a senior.  I'm ready for dessert!" says the plucky chem e.