2009 La Mesilla
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La Mesilla, a small "suburb" of Las Cruces (that was actually there first) that is now mostly known for its historic square with small shops and restaurants featuring local crafts and cuisine, is a must-see when visiting Las Cruces.  We get here at one point or another every visit, and this time it was a bit different in that we ended up arriving in Las Cruces earlier than planned, so we went here first, on Sunday, rather than during the week.  The place was hopping with an outdoor craft show going on and lots of people about.  The famous San Albino Catholic Church, dominating one end of the square, was actually open, and you could go inside to see the architecture and interior decoration.



Exterior and interior of the church at the end of the square.  All the cars out front give an indication of how crowded the area was during our visit.
A couple of photos of the central square, lined with vendors.