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Do we really need photos of a Days Inn and a Super 8 on here?  (Photos of our Grand Canyon lodging are on those pages.)  No, not really, except that the verbiage on the Super 8 sign was actually a tiny bit clever.


Our Days Inn in Benson.  Very nice accommdations, with a very friendly staff.  The world-famous doughnut shop was just about a half-mile away.
Our lodging in Las Cruces.  Looks like most any other Super 8, which is the idea.  Again, a friendly staff, and the place was never crowded during our four nights there, so it was quiet.  On the right is what I was talking about above with the writing on the sign.  I actually can, so I went inside to ask why they want to know.  They said that the manager had seen a sign like this at a truckstop, and if you could, they would take a picture of you and tack it to the wall by the cash register.  They weren't up to that here, but it did make you look twice at the sign.