2009 Opening and Competition Venue
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On the left is the banner as hung on the Pan Am Center in 2008.  On the right is the banner for this year.  It looks like the same banner.  That's us walking into the building upon our arrival.





The gang of nine lined up in the front row of the Corbett Center ballroom for the opening ceremony.  From left, Steve Rogers, Aaron Hill, Andrew Szink, Jeff Cannon, Scott Hunter, Seth Gale, Kristen Kerr (with the thumbs up), Caitlin Ruza (who, uncharacteristically, wasn't doing her Richard Nixon-esque double-victory sign--more on that later), and Patrick Fahey.
Above is a wide shot of the competition floor in the Pan Am Center.  Notice the green drapery.  That color was last used in 2003 you can see in the photo below right, which is from that year.  Below left is the competition floor from last year, when the drapery was red.  See the yearly differences in drapery color
Here's a nice display from the arena floor showing a timeline for the competition since its inception in 1991 with photos from over the years.  Ohio University is actually in one of the photos, the third one from the right, top row.  That photo is shown below closer up.  See us there in the middle?  That photo is from 2005.