Tombstone 2009
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As we did in 2003, our schedule permitted us to detour 30 miles south of I-10 near Benson, Arizona to visit the "Town Too Tough to Die," Tombstone, Arizona.  We found it to be pretty much the way it was in 2003, so they were right, it didn't die, at least in that time period.

This year, we actually visited Boot Hill, which, for some reason, we missed in 2003.



With gunfights daily, they must run through a lot of people!


Boot Hill is on the north edge of town.

So far as we know, this person is not related to any current or former member of the Ohio University Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering.


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Front and back of the big gravestone welcoming you to Boot Hill.
Entrance, which costs nothing except a donation for the grave guide, is through this building.   This is just outside the building.  Some descriptive history of the graveyard.
    As we said, so far as we know, no relation.
The main attraction at Boot Hill.  This is where those who didn't survive the October 26, 1881 O. K. Corral shootout (reenacted daily!) are buried.



Or fall where they walked!   Pat Fahey and a friend.  His only friend.
Street scenes on a late afternoon in April.  While there were certainly people around, the whole place seemed quieter than when we visited in 2003.
Steve and Aaron in front of Helldorado Town, where western shows are put on and a petting zoo is located.   One of the denizens of the aforementioned zoo.  They sell OU sweatshirts there.