2009 Trail Hike
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This hike begins at the South Kaibab Trail trailhead a few miles east of Grand Canyon Village.

Note that we have pictures from the descent (South Kaibab Trail) and flat (Tonto Trail) portions of the hike, but none from the ascent (Bright Angel Trail) portion.  Apparently, by that time, picture-taking gave way to more immediate concerns, such as placing one foot in front of the other only 10,000 more times.


This hike always begins with a shot of the entire group as they're about to head off.  This is usually the last time for quite a few hours that there is so much smiling going on.
Scott must be taking this picture as he's not in it.  It's not clear why Caitlin and Kristen are crouching.    Scott IS in this one (far left), and perhaps the pose he struck is an indication of why he was asked to TAKE, rather than be IN, the photo at left.
It's a bird, it's a plane!  Or perhaps neither.    
For the most part, the day was cloudier and cooler than we had experienced for our hikes over the previous years.  It was still very pleasant for hiking with temperatures at the rim in the 50s and in the canyon several degrees warmer.